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Welcome to the Coventry Diocesan Board of Education website. The DBE works in partnership with schools, communities, churches and other stakeholders to promote distinctively Christian education. On this website you will find information, resources, advice and guidance. If you can’t find what you are looking for please contact the team directly.

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April Gold – Diocesan Director of Education

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Coventry DBE is dedicated in its mission to develop the Christian foundation of its schools. The DBE supports academisation and the benefits of collaborative working.

For more information please refer to our Strategic School Organisation Plan


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Pupil Led Collective Worship Workshop –
Focus on Pentecost with Jen Jenkins

20th April from 4-5pm on Zoom

Support and inspiration for putting together an online act of collective worship

Free to DSA subscribers
Book a place via the link https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=SZwe6qYiDEqSB4E2FaGILZ2sQOaHoXtLlP3_iZT582BUM0syTURFUkRRMTRUUFhKSzNWM0lCOURMTyQlQCN0PWcu

"Focus on reconciliation doesn't mean schools are soft"

"How do we teach children to recognise their difference and to celebrate it?"

An inspiring talk as part of our training day today. Thank you @april_golda✨