Headlines – 11 June 2021

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Blue Coat Students and a Royal Visit to Coventry Cathedral

On Tuesday 25th May, the City of Coventry was visited by HRH Prince of Wales, and his wife, The Duchess of Cornwall. As well as visiting many important City of Culture sites, they also visited Coventry Cathedral for a special service. Four Blue Coat students from year 11 were given the honour of reading words from the Litany of Reconciliation during the service. They stood at the front of the Cathedral and read beautifully in front of a socially-distanced congregation which included the royal dignitaries.  After the service, the Reverend Canon Kathryn Fleming wrote to the school to say “A huge thank you to you, and to the students, for your presence, for their poised delivery of the Litany, and for the sheer delight of being the one to tell them who our VIPS actually were.” The last sentence is in reference to the fact that the visit was not made public and it was very difficult to keep the visit a secret. Reverend Fleming added “We had such a lovely morning and it was brilliant that you were part of it.”

Congratulations to Blue Coat CofE School on their Coventry Peace and Reconciliation Award

The Coventry Lord Mayors Peace Committee (LMPC) have awarded Blue Coat CofE School the Coventry Peace and Reconciliation Award.  The Education group of the LMPC were impressed with the range and breadth of examples showing how peace is fully embedded in the curriculum for all age groups. They particularly liked how there was a wide range of peace opportunities taking place across the school and that local, national and international peace links are fostered. The awarding committee said “This is an excellent submission that clearly demonstrates Blue Coat’s commitment to peace education for all students.”


Headteacher Conference – Friday 25th June

We are looking forward to seeing you all for our annual Headteacher Conference on Zoom. If you think you might attend some, or all of the day – to get the zoom link we need your permission to give your email address to our conferencing facilitators (Warwick [University] Conferencing). Please ask Alison Watson to see their privacy policy if you want to see it. If you’ve not already replied to our recent email please just send a simple ‘yes’ email to Alison.watson@coventrydbe.org


Year 6 Transition Sessions

Jen Jenkins has written Year 6 Transition sessions including 9 hour-long sessions, teacher notes, PowerPoint presentations and a pupil reflective journal under the theme of ‘Growing Beyond Your Roots: Transitioning from Primary to Secondary’ with a church school focus. Find them all here: https://www.dropbox.com/t/2R1moZF2mAxH0ESl


Collective Worship Now Available

For the second half of the summer term, we are providing you with nine different collective worship sessions. Each of these links with a national or international awareness day/week/month.  The purpose of this series is not only to provide you with some ready-made collective worship resources, but also to act as an exemplar for how you might craft collective worship that moves beyond just the exploration of values and instead connects Bible stories with your school vision, your unique context and the things that matter most to you and your pupils.  The resources in the series are as follows:

  • Diversity and Difference – links with Pride Month June 2021
  • Fathers – links with Father’s Day 20.06.21
  • The Feeding of the Five Thousand – links with National Picnic Week w/c 19.06.21
  • Widows of the Bible – links with International Widow’s Week 23.06.21
  • The Bible – links with National Writing Day 23.06.21
  • Jonah – links with Day of the Seafarer 25.06.21
  • Global Christianity – links with World Population Day 11.07.21
  • Black Leaders – links with Black Leaders Awareness Day 18.07.21
  • Jesus’ Friendships – links with World Friendship Day 30.07.21

You will likely not want or need to use all of these. Please select the most relevant for you and keep the rest for another time.  Click here for the sessions or look on the DBE website.  Contact Alison.watson@coventrydbe.org for the password.


Risk Taking and Spiritual Development CPD

  • Tuesday 15th June 4.00-6.00pm on Zoom
  • Led by Jen Jenkins (Coventry DBE) and Becca Faal (Faal Safeguarding)
  • £20 for Diocesan Service Agreement subscribers

This session will talk you through the concept of ‘risking on purpose’ as part of spiritual development and will make use of the language of ‘protective behaviours’ to look at spirituality from this angle. The session will include suggestions for how to create safe spaces in classrooms for spiritual development to be nurtured and will include practical approaches, suggestions and resources to support you as you seek to support spiritual growth in your pupils. Risk-taking in the Bible will be considered, with the implications for spiritual development applied to the classroom context. This is an essential session for any school looking to focus on spiritual development and will support schools readying for a SIAMS inspection in the near future.  To book click here or email: alison.watson@coventrydbe.org


Church of England – Net Zero Carbon Schools Webinar

17 June 2021 – 4.00pm

The Church of England has an ambitious target to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2030, this will involve reducing our carbon emissions in our schools. If you would like to hear more about the target and our planned next steps, we are hosting a webinar aimed at school leaders, school business managers, governors and diocesan officers.  The webinar will include an update from Alex Green of UK Climate Change • Lets Go Zero.  The Church of England Environment Programme is encouraging schools to sign up to Let’s Go Zero and take ownership of a roadmap toward reducing their energy consumption.  Alex’s overview will include practical hints and tips and suggestions about how to measure energy data. In addition, the clever statisticians at the Church of England are working on an energy footprint tool for schools and will provide more information about this.

Speakers: Robyn Ford from the Church of England National Education Office, Alex Green from the Let’s Go Zero campaign, and Tom Wood from the Church of England’s National Research and Statistics Team.

To book your free place click here.


Newly Published Courageous Advocacy Guidance Document from the Church of England Education Office

The term ‘courageous advocacy’ is the only new concept in the 2018 SIAMS schedule. This newly published document is offered as a guide and a support to help schools, school leaders and SIAMS inspectors to explore the concept of courageous advocacy and what that might mean in the unique context of each school.  To see the full document, click here.


Using Picture News to Support Christian Values 

Tuesday 15th June, 4.00-5.00pm

This free webinar will help to support schools in collective worship, Christian values and SIAMS. The 1hr session will be led by SIAMS Inspector and Blackburn Diocesan Adviser Lisa Fenton and Assistant Headteacher and English Lead James Young.  Coventry Diocesan schools are freely invited to attend.

Register your place here


Your School is Invited to Help Create the National Thank You Card for Thank You Day

The last twelve months have been difficult for everyone, and we couldn’t have got through it without each other. From family members to key workers, good neighbours to volunteers, delivery drivers to teachers – we’ve all got somebody to say thank you to. Sunday 4th July is the perfect moment for the country’s biggest ever thank you party.  The Church of England are supporting Thank You Day on Sunday 4th July, to say thank you to you, all school support staff, volunteers and, importantly, our students! We would love you to get your school community involved in celebrating Thank You Day by:

  • Introducing the day to your students using a special assembly. (primary and secondary assemblies are provided).
  • Each class in the every school across the UK is invited to create a piece of a national thank you card alongside artist Charlie Mackesy for Thank You Day. (See image above).
  • Holding a thank you party on Friday 2nd July (the Friday before Thank You Day) to say thank you to everyone who deserves it.

For the schools pack which has all the information click here, or go to the website which has even more information for community groups and businesses: https://thankyouday.org.uk/


Education Staff Wellbeing Charter

The DfE have just published the education staff wellbeing charter as a declaration of support for, and set of commitments to, the wellbeing and mental health of everyone working in education.  All state funded schools and colleges are invited to familiarise themselves with the charter, and to sign up when it is available in the autumn, as a shared commitment to protect, promote and enhance the wellbeing of their staff.  The charter:

  • was created by the education sector to highlight staff wellbeing in the education sector
  • is a tool for schools and colleges to create, and publicly commit to, their own wellbeing strategies
  • is a declaration to protect, promote and enhance the wellbeing and mental health of everyone working in state education
  • includes 12 commitments on education staff wellbeing by DfE and Ofsted
  • sets out 5 principles of shared understanding on the meaning and importance of wellbeing and everyone’s roles and responsibilities
  • sends a message to everyone working in schools and colleges that their wellbeing and mental health matters
  • aims to improve wellbeing in schools and colleges by encouraging debate and accountability.

You can download the charter and other display resources here: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/education-staff-wellbeing-charter


Free Wellbeing Resources from Transforming Lives for Good

On the back of TLG’s successful record in training on emotional first aid, they have created some free resources packed with content to help highlight and support good emotional health. All the resources are designed to reflect on the mind, body, emotions and spirit to help navigate life’s ups and downs.

For Parents and Carers

Download the new Emotional First Aid resource especially for parents and carers, designed to equip you with ideas and activities to help you and your kids handle the emotions that come and go every day.

For Older Children and Teens

Introducing TLG’s new Emotional First Aid Journal, jam-packed with reflective activities to help young people understand their emotions, and learn how to stay emotionally healthy during life’s challenges.

For the free pdf downloads – go to their website by clicking here.



Kinder Exeter – Compassion through Play – Free Events

Kindness is so central to mindful practice and wellbeing. Next week the University of Exeter are running a series of free events.  Here’s the link to site: https://www.kinderexeter.org/




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