Headlines – 13 May 2022

Headteachers’ Termly Briefing – Thursday 19 May

We look forward to seeing you next Thursday afternoon for the Headteacher Termly Briefing. 14.00 – 15.30 – online via Zoom. Here is the zoom link to attend but we will send this out again as a reminder for those who have booked a place and told us they are coming. https://us02web.zoom.us/j/3779063048


RSVP for the Headteacher Conference Day – Friday 01 July

We have an inspiring and reservoir filling day planned for you at the beautiful Welcombe Hotel in Stratford upon Avon on Friday 01 July.  Staring with uplifting worship with the Bishop of Coventry and input from the Church of England on SIAMS and Growing Faith. In the afternoon, after a lunch where you can make the most of the summer weather (hopefully) catching up with colleagues, you will be treated to Lessons in Influential Leadership from Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar by Contender Charlie: “Drawing lessons from four diverse leaders in Shakespeare’s political masterpiece – Caesar, Brutus, Cassius and Mark Antony – we explore the nature of the politics that are a spoken or unspoken reality in all organisations, including schools. We then help participants to operate effectively within organisational power structures. Participants will be introduced to the story and choose the leadership challenges they wish to explore.”

Please do let us know that you are coming by clicking here. (Heads who have already booked to stay overnight do not have to do this.)


Global Neighbours Work at St. Matthew’s Bloxam CofE Primary

Headteacher, Anita Timpson writes: “This year, the school are working towards achieving our Global Neighbours award. We are using our voices to speak up for those who can’t. Classes have been working on a variety of projects to raise awareness and support causes. In year 4, the children wrote a letter to persuade companies not to use palm oil due to the devastating impact it is having on habitats. Across the school, each year took part in a Refugee Day to raise money and to offer our support for the Refugees currently facing crisis in Ukraine. The children were able to bring in one special item from home to remind them that refugees in crisis often have to leave special things behind to flee to safety. Classes thought about what they would pack, they learned about the difference between migrant and refugee and explored current issues across the world.”


Upcoming CPD…

SIAMS Shorts: Reconciliation and Forgiveness

Monday 23 May 2022, 16.00 to 17.00 – online via Zoom

This SIAMS Short will look at a central theme for Coventry Diocese; reconciliation. It will help you in exploring this with pupils and will introduce ways of engaging with related concepts, such as forgiveness, empathy and restorative practices. Book here

SIAMS Shorts: Diversity and Equality

Wednesday 8 June 2022, 16.00 to 17.00 – online via Zoom

This SIAMS Short will look at the importance of diversity and equality as core Christian ideas relevant to what Church Schools do. It will make links with the doctrine of the Trinity and anti-racism.  Book here

Understanding Christianity One-Day Refresher Training

Friday 10 June 2022, 09.30 to 15.00 at the Diocesan Offices, Rugby, Cost: £125 (bring your own lunch)

This one-day course is suitable for:

  • teachers new to working in a school that is already using the Understanding Christianity resource; and
  • teachers from schools who are still embedding the Understanding Christianity resource.

The training will consolidate and clarify the best use of the fantastic resource. Delegates will go away feeling more confident and excited in their RE teaching and practice.  Book here


Collective Worship Resources for HM Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

Great resources with a Christian theme for schools here: https://www.theplatinumjubilee.com/learn/schools/ including collective worship elements and a school’s pack including themes such as wellbeing, justice, spirituality and the environment etc. There are also several collective worship resources on the DBE website https://coventrydbe.org/resources/ Using the password Education.


Story Telling Day at Coventry Cathedral – 23 June

Come to Coventry Cathedral for a magical day full of storytelling, fun and multi-faith themed activities perfect for Years 5 and 6. On 23 June 09.30-14.30 the School’s Team are joining with Story Tent (http://www.storytent.concordant.online/)  to hold an RE ‘Storytelling day’. During this event your students will have the chance to hear from different faith leaders who will share stories from their faiths and sacred scriptures, they will be able to ask important questions and gain a deeper understanding of the importance of storytelling across all faiths. They will also have the opportunity to use what they have learned in creative exercises that allows them to explore exactly what storytelling can mean to us. Developed with links to the Religious Education curriculum, pupils will learn skills of enquiry and engagement with members of local faith communities. This event promises to be both a fun and valuable experience for your children.

£12 per pupil – accompanying adults free. All resources & training materials included – just bring a packed lunch

If you are interested or want more information please get in touch via email or call.  With limited spaces, book now to avoid disappointment. Email: Jessica.Weale@Coventry.Anglican.org Tel: 02476 521257


Barnardo’s Education Community

Barnardo’s Education Community provides access to online trauma-informed resources with a focus on loss, grief and bereavement to support the children and young people across your settings. It is important that you take care of yourself during these challenging times so they have included a section of resources to support staff wellbeing. The Education Community team will be developing training to support the use of their resources across your settings and signing up to communities of practice will enable you to connect with education staff nationwide and participate in themed discussions, sharing learning and best practice. Look and sign up on the website here: https://www.educators-barnardos.org.uk/


Anti-Racism and Mental Health in Schools from the Anna Freud Centre

Experiencing racism has significant mental health consequences for young people. That’s why all schools need to consider anti-racism as part of their whole-school approach to mental health. This set of 10 practical resources will support educators to create a whole-school approach to mental health and wellbeing. There are resources for reviewing and writing policies, improving staff knowledge and confidence, and supporting students and staff who experience racism. The resources can be worked through as a full set, but they can also be used individually, depending on which areas are current priorities for your school. These resources were co-authored by the Anna Freud Centre and anti-racism experts Hon. Stuart Lawrence and BLAM UK.


Plurality in Religion and Worldviews: Exploring Lived Traditions

AREIC Summer Conference – 04 and 05 July in Coventry

For RE advisers, consultants, inspectors, teachers, SACRE members, faith representatives and everyone interested in promoting excellence in RE.  Join the conversation and explore current thinking and developments in the religion and worldviews curriculum.

Keynote speakers:

  •  Martha Shaw, Associate Professor in Education at London South Bank University
  •  Jagbir Jhutti Johal, Senior lecturer in Sikh Studies in the Department of Theology and  Religion, University of Birmingham.

What’s on offer:

  • Join seminars with Justine Ball, Alastair Ross, Gill Vaisey and Debbie Tibbey.
  • Listen, learn, debate, discuss, and reflect upon experiences of teaching, advising and training in religion and worldviews education.
  • Explore less familiar worldviews – Bahá’í Faith, Sikhism, humanism.
  • Meet with local faith representatives.
  • Enrich RE through quality educational engagement with individuals and communities.
  • ‘Show and Tell’ new resources and projects.

Venue: Windmill Village Hotel, Coventry. Bookings and enquiries via: conference@areiac.org.uk


A Message from Jaz Ampaw-Farr

Where’s your true north?  In order to lead others, you must be able to effectively lead yourself.  In order to lead yourself, you must really know yourself.  We’ve all been subjected to personality assessments and come out as a colour, a string of letters or an aardvark! Knowing your tendencies doesn’t equal immediate change. What does is understanding how your DNA drives your decisions and having a tool to hack into that. Enter the leadership voice assessment to end all leadership voice assessments: 5 Voices.  It’s used all over the world by companies such as Google who use it to develop with their data teams. Not only does it give an eerily accurate insight into how you work, but it also provides you with a bespoke set of videos covering your strengths, areas for improvement and nuggets like where you are undermining your own influence without even knowing it!

Ready for the good news? It’s free. Once complete this 15-minute assessment gives you access to practical tools you can use for your personal and professional growth. I’ve never seen a relationship between a team and leader, friends or partners fail to improve once all parties knew each other’s leadership voice. Feel free to share the link with those you do life with.

You can take the assessment free here: https://www.giant.tv/5voices/hq5v

I also recorded a little (2 min) video for you this week on imposter syndrome and ‘How to Stop Believing the Lies You Tell Yourself’ Click the image below to watch.

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