Headlines – 17 June 2022

CPD Programme for 2022-23

All schools, MATs, Chairs and Clergy have now been sent the Diocesan Service Agreement (DSA) and CPD programme for next academic year. This includes a generous package of CPD to look forward to including:

  • Welcome and support for newly appointed senior leaders
  • Free places at the Headteacher Annual Conference for Headteachers
  • Termly Heads’ Briefings Online
  • Annual SIAMS Update Training
  • Access to up to six sessions with the Diocesan Counsellor at the DDE’s discretion
  • Access to all Collective Worship Resources online and additional resources for special events
  • Half day pre-SIAMS support visit for those on the CofE official list for inspection 22/23
  • Half-Termly online ‘Christian Distinctiveness Deep Dives’
  • Middle Leaders Two-year Development Programme – new cohort
  • Access to online CPD library of all recorded CPD from previous two academic years
  • Additional CPD and Bespoke Inset at cost rate
  • Places for any Governor of a Church of England school at the Governors’ Annual Conference
  • Governor induction training and ongoing support
  • SIAMS e-learning course
  • Termly Courageous Advocacy CPD
  • RE with a Christian Focus CPD sessions
  • Understanding Christianity Refresher Training
  • RE:search Group Online Network (for RE Leads looking at research-based practice)
  • Signposting and facilitation to access RE training linked to the locally agreed syllabus
  • Year 6 transition materials resource pack
  • Support for those staff who are new to a Church of England school
  • Initial support and advice for academy conversion
  • Deanery briefings to support Church of England schools including Foundation Governor appointments
  • Governors Peer Support Network
  • Support for clergy and parishes in supporting schools’ mission
  • Support for Clerks to Governors

There is also additional support for our secondary schools.

We will continue to offer most CPD online with a recording sent afterwards to optimise accessibility.

Online booking for events will be available soon and will be flagged up in Headlines.


Bilton CofE Junior Worship Garden Opening

Joanne Evans had a lovely afternoon at Bilton CofE Junior on Tuesday to attend the opening of their new worship garden. Along with Headteacher Kate Webb, were teachers Mrs Spraget and Mrs Vipond who have been heavily involved in the creation of this once unloved and overlooked space in the playground to a tranquil, calm spot full of plants and trees that will mature over time. Pupils were rightfully proud and keen to use this reflection and prayer space. The garden was officially opened in prayer by Chris Burgess from Youth for Christ and Bilton Evangelical Church.


Wellbeing – Healthy and Unhealthy Coping Strategies Toolkits for Both Primary and Secondary

This time of year can be challenging for children and young people.  Once summer term is over, children and young people can look forward to the summer holidays – but while this offers a break from exams and school or college work, it can also mean that they no longer have the routine that school or college brings, or access to some of their usual support systems, like their friends or trusted adults.  School and college staff can help pupils by introducing them to healthy coping strategies, including self-care techniques and ways to manage their emotions.  In these Toolkits from Mentally Healthy Schools, there are resources to help children and young people build healthy coping strategies, as well as resources to learn more about unhealthy coping strategies and how to manage them. (Trigger warning: mention of self-harm and eating disorders.)  Download both Primary and Secondary toolkits here.

Help to Buy End of Year Bibles for Pupils

The Lord Wharton Charity can help with buying Bibles for individual children in a school or church context: https://www.lordwhartonbibles.org.uk/  If they are for end of term leaving gifts please apply by the end of June at the latest.


Is your school on Twitter?

Do let the DBE know your twitter account name so that we can follow you. We love seeing all your lovely work and events!


Refugee Week 20-26 June – Resources from the British Red Cross

  1. Read the blog Every Refugee Matters, and get tips on how to teach young people about migration.
  2. Listening to the award winning We are Voices podcast is a powerful way to engage learners. Listen to Zain share the challenges he faced growing up in the asylum system in UK & the impact this had on his own mental health & identity.
  3. Every Refugee Matters. Encourage your class to create a poster, video or poem, explaining why every refugee matters. Share what your class creates with us on social media using #EveryRefugeeMatters@BritishRedCross to show your support to isolated refugees everywhere.


Design a Self-Kindness T Shirt Competition for KS1 and 2

Being kind is the best thing you can be, but sometimes we can focus all our energy on doing things for others and forget about being kind to ourselves.  Just like a car needs fuel to run, we need to fill ourselves up with kindness in order to be the best we can be. Speaking kindly to ourselves is a simple but really powerful way to show ourselves some kindness. This challenge from Charity ‘52 Lives – School of Kindness’ will help do that!

They have partnered with the Tur-Shirt Company which makes ‘tur-shirts’ for children….which is like a t-shirt but with magical messages that only the wearer can read. The writing on a tur-shirt is written in a mirror-image, so it can only be read when you look at yourself in the mirror. Just like in the real world, it’s how we see ourselves and not how others see us that really matters.

The challenge is for children to design their own Tur-Shirt, using the template. The winner will have their design made into their very own one-of-a-kind Tur-Shirt. And their winning positive words will feature on a real Tur-Shirt product, with profits being donated to the 52 Lives charity.

The Challenge is open to children in the UK in Key Stage 1 & 2 and the deadline for entries is July 8th.  Download the challenge sheet here.


Earth Cubs – Free Teaching Resources on the Environment and Sustainability

The mission of Earth Cubs is to teach kids about the world and sustainability, rewarding positive action and making planet-saving achievable and exciting. Earth Cubs aren’t subjected to doom and gloom, but positivity and tangible ideas for keeping our planet awesome.  Their website and app are chock full of teaching resources and ideas. Check it out here: https://earthcubs.com/resources


Great School Leadership – What Does It Look Like and How Can You Achieve It?

School leadership isn’t for the faint of heart – it’s a tough job by anyone’s standards. And as you inch towards the end of another academic year, you may well be struggling to keep your enthusiasm up. Ironically, it’s a great time to reflect and ask yourself what does great school leadership really look like and what have we done this year to achieve it?  Former headteacher and Education consultant for Laughology, Sarah Creegan, has written this blog with her tips to help you confidently reflect on the year that’s passed and lead your school into the new academic year with renewed enthusiasm.

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