Headlines – 18 November 2022

Church of England National Conference – ‘Flourishing Together’ 

27 January 2023 – London

Booking now open on https://www.cefel.org.uk/NC23/


Remembrance at Wolvey CofE Primary Last Week

Andrew Edwards – Executive Headteacher of the Ignite Federation writes: “As a school that is proud to support a large number of military families from the nearby Barracks, on Friday 11th November Wolvey CofE Primary School was privileged to welcome Regimental Sergeant Major Whiting into school who took part in our Remembrance act of worship where Reception children ‘planted’ hand made poppies on our reflection mound, the Head boy and girl read ‘In Flander’s Field’ and together they laid a wreath. Sgt Major Whiting is also a parent of a child in the school and remarked that the behaviour of the children in school was “better than many of his soldiers!”


Racial Justice Logo Competition – Last Couple of Days to Vote!

The Race Equality Advisory Group launched a diocesan-wide art competition which asked church school pupils to design a logo to identify Coventry Diocese’s ongoing commitment to Racial Justice. Thank you to those schools that took part and submitted entries. The work is fantastic and shows real thought, empathy and creativity. The designs are now in and all of our church school communities – teachers, governors, family, friends and neighbours are invited to participate in judging which designs go through to the next level of the competition.  Take a moment to view the entries and vote and do pass on the link to your school communities. https://www.equiphub.org.uk/logo-competition/  Voting closes at 20.00 on Sunday 20 November. The unveiling of the final artistic composite will be during a special celebratory service on Racial Justice Sunday at Coventry Cathedral Sunday 12 February 2023.


Resources for Celebrating Advent and Christmas This Term

Hopefully this week you will have received an email with links to a wealth of resources that you can use in your schools for the forthcoming Advent and Christmas season.  It includes collective worship, reflection ideas for your school environment, child-led collective worship, special prayers, links to RE, Art and drama etc.  If you have missed it, you can also find it on the DBE website with other collective worship resources that you can access with the passcode Education.


Claim Your Coach Booking Subsidy for Alive 2023

Once you have booked your coach for the ALIVE 2023 Praise Party please send a copy of your invoice to: cassandra.sutcliffe@coventrydbe.org  We will check your booking form to pick up the number of children you are bringing to the event and reimburse you £5 per child.


NPQ Leading Teaching with Inspire Education Trust

Inspire Education Trust, which has Blue Coat CofE Academy and Walsgrave CofE Academy as part of our family of schools, is leading the new NPQ Leading Teaching course for Coventry & Warwickshire region. There is still time to sign-up for your staff to be a part of this!  ALL teachers and leaders employed in state funded schools and state funded organisations including those that offer 16-19 places in England will be able to access a fully funded NPQ.

Why NPQs?

Accredited by the Department for Education (DfE), National Professional Qualifications (NPQs) are a nationally recognised suite of qualifications for teachers and school leaders at all levels; from those who want to develop expertise in high quality teaching practice, to those leading multiple schools across a trust or other group of schools. You can see the Church of England NPQ prospectus here.

Applying for an NPQ

Applications for our next NPQ Cohorts (February Start) are still open! If you would like to make a late application for one of these programmes, please contact npq@churchofengland.org for guidance. (Please ignore deadline contained in the Church of England NPQ Prospectus as this has now been extended due to the pandemic.)

OR for more information, email mathew.thomas@ietrust.org to find out additional information on teacher workload commitment and how the course will be run over the course of the 18 months.


Free World Cup Collective Worship Resource from Picture News

Picture News have offered schools a free World Cup Resource which includes a Collective Worship session. The PowerPoint can be found on the DBE website under collective worship (no password required).  There are also additional ideas on the Church Support Hub including instructions for a Football Nativity Box which follows the Posada tradition and is designed for families but could be adapted for use in your school.


For Own Admission Authorities

Just a reminder that you should be in the process of reviewing and determining your admission policy for 2024/25 (if you haven’t already).  If you are making any changes to this policy you need to publicly consult and you haven’t got long! The consultation window is 6 weeks between 1 October and 31 January.  If you require any further support in this process or just a chat about the options do contact: joanne.evans@coventrydbe.org  It is a statutory requirement to send your policy to the DBE so please do send it to Joanne once governors have formally determined it.


Place and Belonging in School: Why it Matters Today

‘Place and Belonging in School: why it matters today’ is a 2020 research paper (from previous Headteacher Conference Speaker) Professor Kathryn Riley and colleagues, which gives examples of how intentional whole-school practice can help create a climate of welcome and belonging in school. A purposeful approach which brings everyone on board enriches the lives of all concerned and sets the school on a positive and upward trajectory.  You can read it here.


Belonging, Connection and Wellbeing

Rebuilding Communities of Learning – The Real Catch-Up – 5 Minute Blog from Independent Thinking

Associate Director of ‘Independent Thinking’ Nina Jackson shares her tips for the right sort of catch-up with a focus on belonging, connection and well-being.  She writes: “The world has been shaken to its core by recent events. You don’t need me to tell you that.  Governments worldwide are focussed on catch-up but – and this seems to be especially the case in England – what they mean is putting the toothpaste back in the tube and getting everyone focussed back on academic achievement as if nothing has happened.  True rebuilding is not about ‘catch-up’ on an academic level, but about ‘catch-up’ with regards to communication, collaboration, care and healing. Only then can our educational establishments flourish and thrive as exciting, supportive and caring learning environments.  Focussing on emotional healing now builds resilience into the system for whatever the world throws at us next (and climate change, we’re looking at you).  In these two (5 min) blogs, I have brought together from proven ideas to help with re-building through renewal and, more importantly, create a sense of belonging for everyone in our learning communities.”

Read them here: https://www.independentthinking.co.uk/resources/posts/2022/june/belonging-1/


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