Headlines – 20 May 2022

Headteacher Wellbeing – ‘When the blows keep on coming…’

Do you find yourself in a season where the challenges, obstacles or pressures feel relentless? Where the blows keep coming and you find yourself wondering, are the things you are trying to achieve foolish? futile? Or are you just aiming too high, dreaming too big for your school, children, community and/or team?  Here’s an encouragement from Dr Kate Middleton, and three things we can learn from a season Paul and the apostles also hit frustration after frustration – and find themselves in a dark place. Click here to watch this 10 min video.


Headteachers’ Termly Briefing

Thanks to all that attended yesterday afternoon. Great to see so many of you.  If you would like the recording of the session and the slides please email alison.watson@coventrydbe.org


RSVP for the Headteacher Conference Day Conference – 1st July

Please do let us know that you are coming by clicking here. (Heads who have already booked to stay overnight do not have to do this.)


National School Breakfast Programme at All Saints CofE Primary

Kerry O’Grady, Head of School at All Saints Bedworth CofE Academy & Nursery writes: “I wanted to share info about our participation in the National School Breakfast Programme, which is proving to be a great success.  We have a ‘bagel bar’ available on both sites every morning before school, open to every single child which has been really popular. We have seen an increase in the number of pupils attending on time, and also have noticed it supporting pupils to settle more quickly in the morning and focus on their learning (with full tummies!)

Some comments from pupils:

  • They are amazing, taste so good
  • They give lots of brain energy
  • I am not hungry in the morning anymore so it’s better for me to learn
  • I come to school really early to get my bagel
  • They make us have energy, make us strong
  • they school is showing generosity because they are giving them to all children
  • first I have my breakfast then my bagel, like a pudding

Some comments from parents:

  • It’s really important that all children have breakfast
  • My child doesn’t like to eat breakfast at home but will eat it here at school
  • He’s looking forward to coming here for a bagel, says to me “mum I have to come to     school on time for my bagel”
  • I think they’re a great idea
  • It fills their bellies so they are not hungry until break time”


SIAMS Update 

Schedule from September 2022

Strand 2 and Strand 7 of the schedule will be refreshed in September 2022 given the availability of data again.

Strand 2

Based on national assessments available at the time of the inspection, progress information provided by the school and paying due regard to context, the school is at least in line with national averages in progress statistics.  School leaders and teachers explain how the Christian vision underpins curriculum decisions and ways in which learning is fostered and they illustrate the positive impact that these decisions have on children and young people’s learning development.  This includes pupils with special educational needs and disability (SEND) and the most able.  As a priority, the school is enabling its vulnerable pupils, including those with learning difficulties and those who experience barriers when accessing remote learning, to flourish and make progress in their learning.

Strand 7 – VA only

As a result of the rich and engaging RE curriculum, which reflects and takes account of up to date thinking and developments in the subject, teaching and learning is consistently graded good through regular school monitoring (verified at inspection).  Based on the data available at the time of inspection, and paying due regard to context, pupils make good progress against local expectations (KS1-3) and national averages for GCSE.  This includes pupils with SEND and the most able.  As a priority, the school is enabling its vulnerable pupils, including those with learning difficulties, to flourish in their RE learning.

The ‘global links/partnerships’ element of Strand 3 which was removed due to the pandemic will be looked at later in the year but at the moment remains suspended.

List of Updated Inspections

The current inspection list stretches to December 2022. To date, only 3 of 16 Coventry DBE schools on the 2021-2022 list have been inspected. A new list will be released during the summer (July 2022) with schools due for inspection during the academic year of 2022-2023. For most schools, inspections will take place approximately 18 months-2 years after you were originally due for re-inspection and within 8 years of your last inspection.

The National SIAMS Team plans to continue issuing a list of schools to be inspected each academic year as this has been so well-received by schools for well-being and management of pressures e.g. Ofsted.


Resources on Talking to Children about the Ukraine War

Following a request the Heads’ Reference and Advisory Group (HTRAG), here are the links to Ukraine resources from Headlines back in March…

Talking to Children About War – Barnardo’s

How to Talk to Children About War – Scouts (in various languages)

How to Talk to Your Children About Conflict and War (for parents) – UNICEF

How to Talk to Children about War – Save the Children

The War in Ukraine – BBC Newsround

Reassure children about Russia-Ukraine war with resilience tales, say experts – The Guardian

Resources for Teaching About the Ukraine Crisis – Share My Lesson

Explaining the News to Children – from FirstNews.co.uk.

Helping Children Process the News – Parentingforfaith

Ukraine Collective Worship Powerpoint  – Picture News

Ukraine Crisis – How Psalm 31 is bringing comfort – Bible Society

Helping Children and Young People to Reflect and Pray – Prayer Space in Schools

Wellbeing Activities, How to Talk about Conflict and Adult Wellbeing Resources – British Red Cross

Prayer for Ukraine for all key stages – 10:10 Resources

Working with children who are refugees and asylum seekers – for teachers from the UK Trauma Council


Resources for HM Queen’s Platinum Jubilee from Picture News

Another great resource for the Queen’s Jubilee, this time from Picture News. The PowerPoint resource can be used for collective worship, a whole school assembly, or in classes (KS1 and KS2) and will make a great interactive display!  Story: 2022 marks 70 years of Queen Elizabeth II’s service and Buckingham Palace has revealed the celebration line-up marking the Platinum Jubilee that will occur during June’s four-day Bank Holiday weekend.

Question: How important is it for us to have a sense of duty?

Virtual Assembly: Found here: www.picture-news.co.uk/discuss

This, and several collective worship resources can be found on the DBE website https://coventrydbe.org/resources/  Contact alison.watson@coventrydbe.org for the passcode.


New Report Published from the Quakers in Britain –

‘Peace at the heart: A relational approach to education in British schools’ 

Peace at the Heart: a relational approach to education in British schools is a detailed report from the Quakers in Britain, bringing together evidence and recommendations.  This new report draws on case studies and evidence to demonstrate the case for integrating peace education into British schools. Accompanying this report are six short films to showcase peace education in action. Each film focuses on a different primary or secondary school that invests in building peace, whether though exploring identity and inclusion, training in conflict resolution, or tackling global issues.  You can download the report and watch the videos on the Quakers’ website here.


RE News

Book for the RExChange 2022 online Conference – Friday 7 Oct – Saturday 8 Oct

Programme information and booking details can be found here: https://www.reonline.org.uk/research/rexchange-2022/

NATRE Primary Survey – Have Your Say!

NATRE is conducting this survey to obtain information about the current state of RE in all types of schools for Primary age children so that it can continue to support the teacher in the classroom by raising awareness of the impact of government policy on RE.  Please take a few minutes to answer as many of the questions below as you can. It could make all the difference. As our thank you to you for taking the time to complete this survey, you will receive £5 off RE Today publications, training or NATRE membership.  https://www.natre.org.uk/news/latest-news/natre-primary-survey-2022-have-your-say/

Culham St Gabriel’s – Free Short Courses

  • Culham St Gabriel’s have free short online courses on:
  • Introduction to Religion and Worldviews
  • Introduction to Curriculum
  • Introduction to Research

Find them on the website here: https://courses.cstg.org.uk/


‘The Wonder of History’ – Inspiring a Love of History

Two Thirds Design have just launched a history timeline display which includes a Jesus Christ board for faith schools.  An inspirational curriculum linked resource that explores the wonder of history, the display combines large and small-scale imagery, so looks stunning when viewed at a distance, and full of facts and photos when viewed up close.

The display is made up of 14 Era boards:

  1. Mesozoic Era
  2. Stone Age
  3. Bronze Age
  4. Ancient Egyptians
  5. Ancient Greeks
  6. Iron Age (the Celts)
  7. The Romans
  8. Anglo-Saxons
  9. A choice of: Islamic Golden Age or The Kingdom of Benin or Mayan Civilisation
  10. Vikings & The Normans
  11. Tudors & Stuarts
  12. Industrial Revolution & Victorians
  13. WWI & WWII
  14. Living Memory

With an option to order a ‘Jesus Christ’ board too.  This resource can be scaled and adapted to fit any space, perfect for corridors or playgrounds. (The max size of each Era board is 900mm x 900mm).  If you are interested, see the website: www.twothirdsdesign.co.uk or call Gill or Carly (both are regular exhibitors to our Heads’ Conferences) to book a free consultation at your school to discuss your needs – 0121 233 2057.


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