Headlines – 21 May 2021

A Prayer for School Leaders

God of Wisdom

You have shaped us to ‘pursue wisdom’ in every endeavour, for the sake of our world

Through our work, our relationships, our interests and our lives.

May we invest in seeking out truth, good practice and integrity,

With your Spirit’s help.

God of Hope

Your wisdom enables ‘possibilities of reconciliation and transformation’,

When things go wrong, in times of lament, loss, grief and pain.

May we commit to listening and truly understanding to bring about healing,

With your Spirit’s help.

God of Community

Your wisdom is found in relationship – within the Godhead and with those you have made,

To bring about ‘love, compassion and peace’ for all made in your image.

May we learn to engage with different people, ideas and ways of living.

With your Spirit’s help.

God of Dignity

In your wisdom, you have ‘created each person in your image’ – having infinite and ‘ultimate worth’

Giving every individual immense potential, and the chance to make a unique contribution.

May we ensure that we love one another, just as you have loved us,

With your Spirit’s help.


From this week’s Called, Connected, Committed newsletter from the Church of England Foundation for Educational Leadership


All Saints CofE Academy, Bedworth – Star School on CWR

Well done to staff and pupils who featured on Coventry and Warwickshire radio this week as a ‘star school’. Pupils have been confidently broadcasting about their learning, what they love about the school and how they are enjoying their new all-weather sports pitch. You can listen to the broadcasts here.


Collective Worship for Next Half Term

For the second half of the summer term, we will be providing you with nine different collective worship sessions. Each of these links with a national or international awareness day/week/month.  The purpose of this series is not only to provide you with some ready-made collective worship resources, but also to act as an exemplar for how you might craft collective worship that moves beyond just the exploration of values and instead connects Bible stories with your school vision, your unique context and the things that matter most to you and your pupils.  The resources in the series will include:

The bold text is the focus of Collective Worship. Text in italics shows what this links with:

  • Diversity and Difference – Pride Month June 2021
  • Fathers – Father’s Day 20.06.21
  • The Feeding of the Five Thousand – National Picnic Week w/c 19.06.21
  • Widows of the Bible – International Widow’s Week 23.06.21
  • The Bible – National Writing Day 23.06.21
  • Jonah – Day of the Seafarer 25.06.21
  • Global Christianity – World Population Day 11.07.21
  • Black Leaders – Black Leaders Awareness Day 18.07.21
  • Jesus’ Friendships – World Friendship Day 30.07.21

You will likely not want or need to use all of these. Please select the most relevant for you and keep the rest for another time. Links to follow before the start of term.


Collective Worship Refresher Training

Tuesday 22nd June 4.00-5.30pm on Zoom

This session will build on, and develop, some of the worship patterns that schools delivered in lockdown this session will take you through some of the keep principles for leading collective worship, its prominence within the SIAMS schedule and how to keep it invitational and inclusive, inspirational and transformative. There will be some support with structuring collective worship, some subject knowledge on the liturgical calendar, as well as some signposting towards other useful resources.  Suitable for anyone who will be leading collective worship in your school next academic year – including class teachers, clergy and parish members.  Free to Diocesan Service Agreement Subscribers – Book your place here.


Ofsted’s Research Report on RE

Ofsted have released a new Research Report on RE which can be found here. Jen Jenkins, the DBE’s RE and Spirituality Officer has produced a summary with notes for schools that can be found on the DBE website here.


Year 6 Transition Sessions

As mentioned at the Heads’ Briefing, here are the Year 6 Transition sessions written by Jen Jenkins including 9 hour-long sessions, teacher notes, PowerPoint presentations and a pupil reflective journal under the theme of ‘Growing Beyond Your Roots: Transitioning from Primary to Secondary’ with a church school focus.



Education Staff Wellbeing Charter

The DfE have just published the education staff wellbeing charter as a declaration of support for, and set of commitments to, the wellbeing and mental health of everyone working in education.  All state funded schools and colleges are invited to familiarise themselves with the charter, and to sign up when it is available in the autumn, as a shared commitment to protect, promote and enhance the wellbeing of their staff.

The charter:

  • was created by the education sector to highlight staff wellbeing in the education sector
  • is a tool for schools and colleges to create, and publicly commit to, their own wellbeing strategies
  • is a declaration to protect, promote and enhance the wellbeing and mental health of everyone working in state education
  • includes 12 commitments on education staff wellbeing by DfE and Ofsted
  • sets out 5 principles of shared understanding on the meaning and importance of wellbeing and everyone’s roles and responsibilities
  • sends a message to everyone working in schools and colleges that their wellbeing and mental health matters
  • aims to improve wellbeing in schools and colleges by encouraging debate and accountability.

You can download the charter and other display resources here: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/education-staff-wellbeing-charter


Do Encourage Your Vicar, Foundation Governors, Family Link Worker to book…

Parishes Working with Schools

Wednesday 9th June 2021

10am – 12pm on Zoom

This training is aimed at Clergy and others working with schools as part of their ministry. This includes those who have an established relationship with a school who would like to build on this, and those whose relationship is at a newer stage who would welcome some ideas, input, and a chance to reflect.  By the end of the morning, we hope you will be inspired to further develop your work with schools in a way which is authentic for you and your context, and you will be equipped with ideas, tools and resources to take that forward.

To book a place click here or email alison.watson@coventrydbe.org


New short film from Theos on Worldviews

This new animated film by Emily Downe, created in partnership with Culham St Gabriel’s Trust and Canterbury Christ Church University, unpacks the idea of worldviews and invites the viewer to consider how their own unique view of the world might co–exist with other, sometimes quite different, vantage points held by those around them.  The film was inspired by the recent report Worldviews in Religious Education, which interprets and develops the idea of “worldview” and explores its implications for the future of RE in the UK.

A really valuable resource for thinking about the RE Curriculum with a focus on teaching religion and worldviews.  Called Nobody Stands Nowhere – you can view it here: https://www.theosthinktank.co.uk/comment/2021/05/12/worldviews-film


Let’s Think About Friendships: A new guide for children in Church of England primary schools

‘Let’s think about Friendships’ is a new resource from The Children’s Society and the Diocese of Sheffield aimed at children in Church of England primary schools, especially in Key Stage 2.

The resource, draws on The Children’s Society’s work in listening to what young people say about their well-being and factors that influence that, such as having good friendships. This resource has been adapted from a guide for older children by Huw Thomas, Diocesan Director of Education for Sheffield Diocese, and includes new quotes from children across Sheffield, Christian content and activities. There is also an accompanying teachers’ guide.

Both resources can be viewed at and downloaded from these links: Friendship guide  Teachers leaflet

Hard copies will be available later this month from the online shop on the website www.childrenssociety.org.uk


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