Headlines – 22 July 2022

How to get a D.O.S.E. of Happiness over the Summer Holidays…

For those of you who’ve been in education for a while and have got a few summer holidays under your belt, have you ever returned in September feeling like you’ve missed a trick?  Perhaps a colleague on INSET day is talking about sprucing up their home during the hols and your mind wanders to ‘that’ kitchen drawer you meant to sort out over the summer, but didn’t. Or someone rocks up looking trimmer and healthier than ever before, and you rue the fact you’ve sat in your pants on the sofa eating ice cream out of the tub for the past 6 weeks.  Not that there isn’t a place for that, there most definitely is, but can you plan to be happier?  This blog post by Sarah Creegan at Laughology explores how to have a happier holiday.


Headteacher Wellbeing with Dr Kate Middleton- Who’s in Your Circle?

This is a time of year when hopefully we get some less pressed time, time to share with family, friends – and to relax. But it has also been a time thanks to a rise in COVID cases, where many of us have had to reach out to people we know for support, cover, or to apologise that we’re not going to be able to do something as we’re unwell.  In fact this whole pandemic season has made many of us realise how vital the people around us are – but it has also put a lot of pressure on those relationships. In this short (15 min) video Dr Kate will take you through a quick exercise to think about the people in your relationship world. And she’ll share some insight from the psychology of relationships, and from the life and example of Jesus, and how He did life with His disciples. How do we form supportive relationships with other people? Who are the most foundational people in our world? What if a friendship is floundering, or you want to build something more supportive or close with someone? And what when leadership makes knowing who your real friends are really tricky? Click here to learn how to find friendships and relationships that help us all flourish – whatever life brings.


60 Free Songs Available Through the PopUK Free Song Bank

Catchy melodies & life affirming lyrics – Written to support the new plan for music education (NPME) PSHE, SMSC, RE. An easy-to-use cross-curricular resource for all primary school teachers. Sign up ready for september.


Books for Your Summer Reading List

Riding the Waves: Finding joy and fulfilment in school leadership – James Hilton

An exploration of how primary and secondary school leaders can find fulfilment in their challenging roles in order to lead their schools successfully. Riding the Waves offers practical strategies, advice, reflective questions and activities for developing the fulfilling aspects of school leadership to carry school leaders through these challenging times.

The Headteacher’s Handbook: The essential guide to leading a primary school – Rachel Snape

This book is aimed at primary headteachers – both aspiring and existing. It will be released in August this year but early reviews have been positive and describe the book as: “comprehensive guide which covers every aspect of taking on the headteacher role. It is at once practical, honest, insightful and, probably most importantly, incredibly useful.”

The Wisdom of Heads: short advice for school leaders – Dr Denry Machin PhD

Combining wisdom and humour with knowledge and experience, this book full of insightful anecdotes from a range of headteachers on a variety of topics. One reviewer actually described it as being similar to a “Zoom meeting between the world’s best heads”. It will give you an insight into how leaders cope with change and how they survive the stresses of the job and what resources you should buy to make your life easier and those to avoid – all from headteachers who have been there and done it.

Neurodiversity and Education – Paul Ellis, Amanda Kirby, Abby Osborne

Covid’s disproportionate toll on neurodiverse pupils means their inclusion is possibly one of the most challenging aspects of recovery facing schools. This book brings together Paul Ellis, Amanda Kirby and Abby Osborne’s collective knowledge of neurodiversity and curriculum design and promises to help schools to practically consider, respect and appreciate neurodiversity, to see potential rather than deficit and to show how an emphasis on ability can cultivate a better world. A fascinating contribution as the SEND review takes its next steps.

Representation Matters – Becoming an Anti-racist Educator – Aisha Thomas

Representation Matters is the essential book for teachers looking to promote diversity and inclusion in their school and create positive, lasting change for staff and pupils. Covering a range of important topics, including intersectionality, decolonising the curriculum, unconscious bias and microaggressions, Representation Matters equips all teachers and school leaders with everything they need to understand the impact of race in education.

Flourishing Together: A Christian Vision for Students, Educators, and Schools – Lynn E. Swaner and Andy Wolfe

“Lynn Swaner and Andy Wolfe lift the eyes of Christian educators from the easily overwhelming responsibilities of their daily work to refocus on an inspiring portrayal of their Christian purpose. They remind us of the importance of giving our attention to vision, priorities, and mindset if we are to promote flourishing for our students, educators, and schools. Bringing together insights from the USA and the UK, this unique book weaves together research themes, biblical insights, and reflective exercises to create a resource that can be used by individuals or as a staff professional development stimulus.”

So What Now? Time for Learning in Your School to Face the Future – Malcolm Groves and John West-Burnham

Forget 21st-century skills and jobs that haven’t been invented yet. Park any ideas about teaching kids to solve the climate crisis too. This book promises to get to more fundamental problems about the type of learning that happens in schools and how to secure ‘deep learning for future sustainability’. Evidence-informed and based on case studies and a range of other sources, this argument for learning that leads to conscious action is likely to reinvent educational futurism – without the myths.

Putting Staff First: A blueprint for revitalising our schools: A blueprint for a revitalised profession – John Tomsett and Jonny Uttley

Authors John Tomsett (headteacher at Huntington School, York) and Jonny Uttley (CEO of The Education Alliance Multi Academy Trust) believe that happy teachers provide the best educational experience for their students. In their book is a blueprint which unapologetically puts staff first.

Back on Track: Fewer Things, Greater Depth – Mary Myatt

Released just last year, Back on Track is already becoming a firm favourite for school leaders. The book calls upon leaders to re-evaluate their focuses and look at whether some of the processes in our schools are really adding value to the core purposes of schools. Chunked into short sections the book is easy to read and easily digestible. Despite only being released less than a year ago it’s racked up 165 reviews on Amazon with 93% of those being 5-4 star!


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