Headlines – 5 November 2021

Your school is being prayed for…

Did you know that you and your school are included in the monthly prayer diary for Coventry Diocese?  In this month of November, the Diocese was asked to pray for Tysoe CofE Primary and Head of School Paige Neale yesterday, Ettington CofE Primary and Headteacher David Johnson on the 8th, all Headteachers on 17th, Ilmington CofE Primary and Headteacher Rebbeca Noon on 23rd and Newbold and Tredington CofE Primary with Headteacher Sam Welsby on 25th. God’s blessing is asked for the pupils, teachers, staff and governors.  Last month, it was All Saints CofE Junior Warwick, St Margaret’s CofE Junior, Cubbington CofE Primary and St Paul’s Leamington Spa. All school communities and Headteachers will be named, prayed for and blessed over the course of the year.  You can find all the diocesan monthly prayer dairies here: https://coventry.anglican.org/your-faith/prayer/prayer-diary.php


Upcoming CPD…

The Heartbeat of the Church School: Building on the New Guidance for Collective Worship

  • Weds 10th November – 16.00-18.00 on Zoom.

The CofE National Education Team released some new guidance for Collective Worship in May 2021, which was referred to during the refresher training, and we would like to offer an additional session focused on Collective Worship for developing this even further.  Book your place by clicking here. Do book even if you may not be able to attend as you will be sent the recording automatically afterwards.

Early Career Teachers – RE Subject Knowledge Programme

  • Starts 18 November – 15.00 – 18.00 – online
  • Cost: £40 per year for DSA subscribers

Run by Leicester Diocese and led by Fiona Moss of RE Today. This two-year programme is essential for all new teachers, whether starting a teaching career in a CofE school or community school. The recent OFSTED RE research report and the ECT framework are clear on the essential nature of subject knowledge CPD. RE is often a subject that teachers feel less confident teaching and this 2-year rolling programme of CPD will improve both RE subject knowledge and confidence. There is also the opportunity to complete gap tasks for a short self-study course through Teach RE.  For more information and booking details click here.

Understanding Christianity Refresher Training

  • 19 November 2021 – 09.30 to 15.00 – Rugby, Diocesan Offices
  • Cost:        £125

This one-day course is suitable for:

  • teachers new to working in a school that is already using the Understanding Christianity resource; and
  • teachers from schools who are still embedding the Understanding Christianity resource.

The training will consolidate and clarify the best use of the fantastic resource.  Delegates will go away feeling more confident and excited in their RE teaching and practice.  For more information and to book click here.

Courageous Advocacy and Social Justice Peer Support Network

  • Starts 22 November 2021 – 16.00 to 17.30 – on Zoom

A new offering this academic year led by Nicola Coupe, a professional associate from Salisbury Diocese where she is a School Improvement Adviser and Strategic Lead for RE, Worship & Spirituality.  The term ‘courageous advocacy’ was a new concept in the 2018 SIAMS schedule. This Peer Support Group Network has been formed to enable schools to explore the concept of courageous advocacy and social justice and what that might mean in the unique context of each school. Participants will also be able to reflect on the opportunities they might provide for pupils to thrive in this area and share good practice and ideas with colleagues to enhance professional development. Most importantly, it aims to join the dots in this area of their work, between collective worship and curriculum time, to whole school approaches – and lead to passion and action where children and young people are ‘facilitated by’ adults and not ‘led’ by adults.  For more information and to book a place click here.


Collective Worship for Remembrance

Find it on the DBE website here: https://coventrydbe.org/resources/  Contact alison.watson@coventrydbe.org for the password.  Christmas journey resources have also been uploaded to the website if you want to get ahead – again, please contact alison.watson@coventrydbe.org for the password.


Anti-Bullying Week – 15 to 19 November

Anti-Bullying Week is coordinated In England and Wales by the Anti-Bullying Alliance and takes place from 15 to 19 November 2021 and it has the theme One Kind Word. The week will begin with Odd Socks Day which is supported by CBBC and CBeebies star Andy Day and his band Andy and the Odd Socks.  You can find lots of free resources and activities for both primary and secondary on the website:  https://anti-bullyingalliance.org.uk/anti-bullying-week/anti-bullying-week-2021-one-kind-word

  • Watch the official primary ‘One Kind Word’ video here
  • Watch the official secondary ‘One Kind Word’ video here.

Bullying can have long-lasting effects on children’s mental health, and the effects may be cyclical. Young people who have experienced bullying are more likely to experience mental health issues, and those who have mental health issues are more likely to be bullied.  While it’s vital that the whole school or college community takes an active anti-bullying stance all year round, Anti-Bullying Week provides a good opportunity to emphasise that stance to students, parents and carers and staff.  The Anna Freud Centre/Mentally Healthy Schools has produced anti-bullying week toolkits for both primary and secondary. The resources include:

  • lesson plans
  • videos
  • information for education staff to help review anti-bullying policies and procedures
  • a useful interactive tool for parents and carers

You can find them by clicking here.


Community Matters at Christmas

 This Advent, the Archbishop of York Youth Trust is challenging your pupils to look out and notice how important communities are. This FREE resource celebrates how our community can bring us joy, acceptance, generosity and love.  As we look forward to Christmas, this year particularly, we are hoping to make plans to celebrate Christmas in community. Plans of family meals, parties with friends, school Christmas productions, or carol services at church. Plans to enjoy being a part of these communities.  Community is important in the Christmas story too. Communities of angels, shepherds and wise men rejoiced and welcomed Jesus as a baby. Mary and Joseph became Jesus’ first community on earth as his family. When Jesus grew up, he showed how much he valued community through his love and care for others.  Throughout Advent they will explore different communities from the Christmas story, see what they can teach us about community and how they can inspire us to make a difference this Christmas. Over four weeks, the resource celebrates how community can bring us joy, acceptance, generosity and love. Each week includes:

  • Introduction
  • Bible link
  • Pupil video
  • Questions to reflect on
  • Challenges to reach out to others and to help the environment
  • Prayer

This resource can be used in the classroom or in collective worship. Challenges can be done individually or as a group or class. Activities and challenges are suitable for KS2 and KS3 but can be adjusted for use with KS1 and KS4 pupils.  Get more information and the free resources here: https://www.archbishopofyorkyouthtrust.co.uk/projects/community-matters-at-christmas

Community Matters E-Book

‘Community Matters: Helping Young People Lead with Character in a Post-Covid World’ is a series of reflections from experts in the education sector, focussing on the increasing need for the prioritisation of character education.  Download the eBook for free by clicking here.


Mental Health and Wellbeing…

Preventing Teacher Burnout – the ABC Method

It’s sad to say, but teacher burnout is nothing new. It’s been around since the days of OHP projectors, chalkboards and toilet roll that doubled up as tracing paper. Maybe even longer. But while it may not be new, it’s certainly getting worse. And since the pandemic hit, it’s reached a crisis point. So what can you do to prevent teacher burnout?  Click here for article.

How is TikTok changing the way young people relate to their mental health?

Mental health TikTok has taken off, informing and educating more young people than ever before, on everything from the lived experiences and diagnoses of bipolar disorder to ADHD. This article explores both sides of the discussion around whether TikTok should be the new home of mental health awareness.  Click here for article.

Primary Pupils in Staffordshire create “Wellbeing Boxes” for World Mental Health Day 

Last month pupils from St John’s Primary School in Wetley Rocks, Staffordshire, used World Mental Health Day to reinforce how important emotional health is and took time out to focus on the wellbeing of not only the children but the adults who work in school too.  Click here to find out more.


Pop UK is able to offer online or in-school workshops for your school this year.

To find out about online Christmas workshops click the following link https://www.popuk.org/christmas-in-a-day



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