Headlines – 7 January 2022

National Developments in Teaching of RE – Recording available for Heads and RE Leads

Jen delivered a useful session on Wednesday to update Heads and RE Leads on the national developments regarding RE and Worldviews, multi-disciplinary RE and Ofsted. You can watch the session here: https://youtu.be/hSh1RnLaBBA  Jen’s slides can be found on the DBE website here: https://coventrydbe.org/resources/ contact alison.watson@coventrydbe.org for the password


Headteachers’ Termly Briefing – Wednesday 19 Jan

14.00 – 15.30 – online via Zoom Book your place here


  • 14.00     Opening Reflection – April Gold
  • 14.10     Feedback from the Headteacher Advisory Group – Chair of HTRAG
  • 14.20     SIAMS update – Jen Jenkins
  • 14.40     Growing Faith update – April Gold
  • 14.50     Services to Schools update – Joanne Evans
  • 15.00     Education update – Lindsay Nash
  • 15.25     Closing comments and prayer – April Gold


SIAMS Short – Courageous Advocacy – Tuesday 11 Jan

16.00 to 17.00 – online via Zoom  Book your place here

Led by Jen Jenkins, this SIAMS Short CPD session will look at ways in which you can use your collective worship and curriculum to raise awareness of social injustice and empower pupils to take action.


Building Healthy Habits in 2022 – Resource Toolkits from the Anna Freud Centre and Mentally Healthy Schools

These toolkits are designed to help you and your pupils develop healthy habits around mental health and wellbeing that you can continue all year long.  In each toolkit, there are fantastic tools and activities full of simple wellbeing strategies that will help develop good mental health habits in children, young people and adults – for a happier, healthier 2022.


iSingPop – Free Classroom Worship This Term

Thanks to funding from the Keswick Hall Trust, iSingPOP can offer your school FREE classroom worship this term. (Schools already enrolled with iSingPop will have next term free instead).  Classroom Worship from iSingPOP is an exciting resource designed to unite the whole school in Collective Worship, whether you are holding whole school assemblies or worshipping in smaller bubbles or even learning from home.  These once-a-week 20-minute sessions involve almost no preparation in advance. Each act of Collective Worship will include:

  • An animated Bible story
  • A reflection on the theme
  • An interactive prayer activity
  • An iSingPOP dance routine to learn and practice
  • The Lord’s Prayer

Find more info at: www.isingpop.org/schools

Here is a link for the first episode. https://vimeo.com/showcase/9110562 contact alison.watson@coventrydbe.org for the password – the theme is ‘perseverance’

For schools that wish to take up this offer, the DBE are hosting a short introductory Zoom meeting (20 mins) next Thursday 13th Jan at on how to use the iSingPop Classroom Worship. The zoom link to join is: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/5616600603  Alternatively contact joanne.evans@coventrydbe.org and we’ll put you in touch with Jake at iSingPop who will send you resources direct.


The Hip-Hop Gospel – Highly Acclaimed Free Resource

The Hip-Hop Gospel is a FREE verse-by-verse rhyming script of the Gospel of Luke. 24 Chapters, 1300 rhyming couplets, and 32000 words of pure genius.  The Gospel narrative like you’ve never heard it before…  You can download and hear it here: https://thehiphopgospel.com/

  • All-age – The Hip-Hop Gospel isn’t just for young people. It appeals to both young and old (and those of us in-between!)
  • Accessible – The Gospels were always written to be read out loud. The Hip-hop Gospel captures the imagination of listeners in a new and exciting way.
  • Contemporary – The Hip-Hop Gospel uses language that people can connect with. Its clever rhymes use alliteration and rhymes within rhymes.
  • Performance Script – The Hip-Hop Gospel is designed to be performed. Character parts are colour highlighted and syllables that fall on the beat are underlined to make it easier to read.
  • Verse-by-Verse – The Hip-Hop Gospel is a verse-by-verse translation. If you can find the verse in your regular Bible, you can find it in The Hip-Hop Gospel.
  • Chapters, Scenes, and Stories – Each Chapter is divided into Scenes and each Scene is divided into Stories. This makes it easy to find your way around the text.

Impressive! 10/10!” Rowan Williams – Former Archbishop of Canterbury  “A masterpiece!” The Guardian  “Super cool!” Chris Evans – BBC Radio 2  “Pure genius… stayed close to the story from Luke’s gospel without losing any of its impact” Julie Etchingham – ITV


Free ‘10% Braver’ Bootcamp from Jaz Ampaw-Farr

Jaz’s 10% Braver Bootcamp starts next week, it’s free and it takes less than 5 minutes of your time each week. By the end of it, you are going to have a roadmap for being braver. Consider it a work of art to help you be more intentional, believe that you’re good enough, and re-frame your story.

Jaz will be posting four videos revealing the four stages of being 10% braver.

  1. Be a Fear Fighter – how to stop fear driving your bus!
  2. Be a Mistak Artist – how to reframe failure.
  3. Be a Resilience Ninja – how to reinvent yourself after a setback.
  4. Be a Positive Disruptor – how to reframe your future by being 10% braver!

Nothing will change until your desire for things to be different is bigger, stronger and more powerful than your fear of trying.  It’s time to STOP a lack of bravery getting in the way and start being braver!  Jaz’s introductory video, all the videos and resource for the ‘10% Braver Challenge’ can be found on her website here: https://jazampawfarr.com/braver-challenge/?sfw=pass1641556276

Pop UK – One Day Safer Internet Workshop ‘Will You Like Me?’

Pop UK specialises in bringing PSHE, RE and music together through singing. ‘Will you like me?’ is a daylong workshop to help children understand the impact that social media has on their lives and mental health.  The day includes:

  • Whole school assembly
  • An hour and half of creative learning exploring the impact of social media through songs we have written (either all KS2 or chosen year groups)
  • The children will learn and record 3 specially written songs with lyrics based on social media/internet theme
  • Finish the day with a ‘celebration’ assembly for parents and carers to attend.

Great for this term and ‘safer internet day’. Cost is £390.

Contact: andysilver@popuk.org 07980 692688 www.popuk.org


PARABLE Interactive Performance Workshops and The Easter Project from Springs Dance Company

Springs Dance Company specialises in cross-curricular dance, in particular with Religious Education, Values and PSHE. Delivered with Covid safety at the forefront, Springs is offering to schools its PARABLE Interactive Performance Workshops, which combines a professional performance and integrated workshop experience in one. A great way to boost children’s engagement with RE, PARABLE is an exciting opportunity for children to encounter and overcome creative challenges, accomplish tasks and influence the outcome of the performance whilst absorbed in a vibrant world of professional dance and theatre.

We cannot thank you enough for your engagement with the children, it is an experience they will never forget and brought together so many areas of the curriculum.’ Mandy Jones, Executive Headteacher.

Also available is Springs’ much-loved Easter Project. Delivering fun, engaging and thought-provoking dance workshops, the Easter Project provides a fresh and exciting way to explore the Easter story. The Easter Project can culminate in an informal sharing or performance by the pupils.  ‘Outstanding!! Our schools have had the most amazing time.’ Caroline Hutton (Schools and families worker).  Further details on PARABLE, The Easter Project and all of the workshops currently available can be found at https://springsdancecompany.org.uk/index.php/join-in/schools-workshops  To book and to find out more please email touring@springsdancecompany.org.uk or call 07876 752 910




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