Headlines – 8 April 2022

Easter Message from April Gold

Dear friends,

We are almost there! This is your last Headlines before Easter and I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for your dedication to your school communities in yet another tough term.

One of my favourite stories of Jesus as a Teacher is the road to Emmaus. It is a walking story – two people walking along trying to make sense of what had happened to their friend and teacher Jesus. As they walk along Jesus draws alongside and walks with them he helps their learning by asking questions. They are so engrossed in their discussion they don’t recognise him. When they have answered his questions, he draws their answers together and takes them deeper into understanding what God has been up to in the death of their friend and teacher. Time passes quickly and they reach home and Jesus goes in to eat with them and when he breaks bread at the table they recognise him. They have a penny drop moment and their understanding is changed. You can read the full story in Luke 24:13-35.

During the last two years I have found that walking and talking is a really good way to sort out a problem. The rhythm of putting one foot in front of another and discussing with a companion somehow works things into perspective. I think this is because walking tells us something about urgency and pace. Things that we think are really important can take on a speed of their own and we feel like we are being drawn uncontrollably into having to run faster and faster to keep up with them. Many of you may be runners – but I am absolutely not! We can forget that slowing down in these situations is often the right thing to do. Just because something is important does not mean that it is urgent, and in our rushing we can cause stress to ourselves those around us, and end up sacrificing quality.

The road to Emmaus shows us the pace of God. God, in Jesus, walks alongside us at 3 miles an hour. If the creator and sustainer of the universe moves at a walking pace, then it is OK for us to slow down. The destination is the same whether we run or walk, but our ability to take others with us relies upon the quality of the conversation as we walk alongside travelling together to the goal.

During the holidays I hope that you will find to relax and catch up with friends and family, and I look forward to walking alongside you in the summer term as we journey on together.

Many Blessings – April


RE Focus on Salvation at All Saints CofE Academy, Bedworth

All Saints CofE Academy in Bedworth have been focusing on the Understanding Christianity concept of ‘Salvation’ through an R.E. focus week.  Each class has produced a learning showcase video to share with parents and carers and Head of School Kerry O’Grady has shared with us the links to the videos from the youngest (Nursery) to the oldest children in the school, which highlight how learning within this concept progresses across the school:

The work has clearly inspired pupils as this beautiful acrostic poem had been brought in by a pupil as part of their Easter display.

Salvation by Millie Henton

Sacrificed himself for us

A selfless act

Love for all of us

Vast amount of people cried

And then in a tomb he lay

Trapped but love broke through

In the town nobody believed their eyes

On this day Jesus had risen

Nobody will ever forget


Annual Governors’ Conference Last Week

There was a fantastic turnout at Chesford Grange last Saturday morning for the first DBE’s in-person external event since 2020. We had nearly 40 governors attend.  The Keynote speaker was Mike Simmonds, an Education Consultant (GOvernor Ministries – part of GO Ministries Ltd) who has 30 years’ experience of school governing. The theme of the morning was ‘Christian Vision – Christian Governance’ and contained some challenges and thought-provoking content. We know from the excellent feedback that governors will be coming back to their schools and asking questions about some of themes so do be prepared!


Archbishop of York Youth Trust – Courageous Advocacy in Bedworth Schools

Joanne Evans accompanied Elizabeth Howat and Jo Patten of the Archbishop of York Youth Trust to see the Young Leader Award work going on in Bedworth schools this week.  They visited All Saints CofE Academy where year 5 were proud to tell them all about their developing leadership skills at school, home and in the community.   They then visited St Michael’s CofE Academy and helped year 2 do a very thorough litter pick outside their classroom area.  The final stop of the day was at The Canons CofE Primary where children from year 3 were getting very passionate with the ‘paper bag’ challenge to see for themselves what is involved in team work and time pressure and reflect on the realities of low wage labour in other parts of the world.


Archbishop of York Youth Trust Young Leader Award in Your School

Free Webinars – Looking for a programme that supports pupils to develop leadership and character through social action? Come and find out more about the Young Leaders Award Programme through our free online sessions this term for both Primary and Secondary schools. We are also running our Introduction to Character Education sessions with input from Dr Tom Harrison at the Jubilee Centre for Character and Virtues.  Find out more and sign up at www.abyyt.com/events

Platinum Jubilee Challenge – Free Activity Pack – Our ‘Platinum Jubilee Challenge’ asks pupils to consider what they would like to see change for the better over the next 70 years and to think about how they can start to take action towards these changes now and ‘be the change they want to see’ in their communities.

To take part head to our website www.abyyt.com/jubilee where you can download a FREE activity pack.


Small Grants Available from St Peter’s Saltley Trust

St Peter’s Saltley Trust’s small grants fund can offer funding to schools and RE support organisations for discrete, time limited projects in school religious education where a few hundred pounds might make a big difference.  Grants can cover project costs including: resource development, training, action research and the organisation of special events and activities. Projects should be creative and innovative, and we particularly seek to benefit the most marginalised.  Around 10 grants of approx. £500 each are available every year. Applicants must be working within the West Midlands region inc. Warwickshire.  For more info on eligibility see: https://www.saltleytrust.org.uk/what-we-support/ or contact: bursar@saltleytrust.org.uk


Have a restful and well-earned Easter break

Next Headlines will be on 29 April

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